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Health & Wellness Coaching

As a health & wellness coach, I partner with clients seeking to enhance their well-being. We will work together, creating a unique and powerful relationship, to develop and implement a personal plan so you can reach your best self. 
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Glow Wellness is a warm, non-judgmental, private space for you to exhale and focus on yourself. A place to connect with your coach and relate to others while exploring and developing amazing possibilities for your bright and healthy future!


Personal Wellness Coaching

This is your time to shine! This is one-on-one attention toward your wellness vision; where you really want to be, action steps; the small steps you decide to take, and successes along the way to across the finish line. Start now with a 6- or 12-week focus on what's most important to you.

Small Group Coaching
(4-6 participants)

Common interests, similar goals, and successful outcomes brings a new level of support, personal growth, and positivity to the coaching experience! This platform brings the joy of personal accomplishment to the synergies of the group dynamic! Jump into your group session from VIRTUALLY anywhere. 8-weeks. 

FirstLine Therapy®
Lifestyle Educator

FirstLine Therapy is a lifestyle medicine program. Deciding to make healthy lifestyle changes can be overwhelming, but change doesn't have to happen alone. That's exactly why I'm here! I work closely with your Healthcare Practitioner in honor of your good health. I'm very excited to walk your journey with you!

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About Me

I've been a hard-working fitness professional in Grand Rapids, Michigan since January of 1994, including but not limited to TRX Ambassador, Johnny G Spinning, Les Mills Body Pump, Les Mills Body Step for group exercise, certified Personal Trainer at East Hills Athletic Club, The Michigan Athletic Club, Cascade Hills Country Club, and in-home. I've been a dedicated health & wellness coach since August of 2012. My happy place is learning for professional development, self-improvement, connecting with others and sharing knowledge.  I love to laugh because it's a reflection of happiness and friendship. I thrive on creating healthy relationships and surrounding myself with positive people, places, and things! I understand intuitive introverts because I am one. I love listening to others for deeper understanding and am passionate about giving my best forward and guiding others toward becoming their best self.  I'm a happy wife, and grateful mom of two beautiful human beings and one Goldendoodle. I feel proud to have become a National Board-certified Health & Wellness Coach in 2017, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer in 2007, and FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Educator since 2013.


"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."  ~ Victor Borge

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A Happy, Balanced, Healthy YOU.

What will it look like when you are living your best life each day? Are you more organized?  Does your nutrition bring you joy and energy? Does a prioritized day include optimal self-care including more movement or exercise? Are you feeling loved and supported?  Balanced? Healthy? 

Cozy Living Room


• designing your ideal environment and eliminating tolerations

Warm Up on the Beach


• making time to do the important things in life



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Natural Beauty


• self, family, and community



• handle the money and build reserves

Still Life


• the importance of practicing extreme self-care

Dreamy look


• attitudes, values, integrity self-talk

  • Expectation Setting

  • Well-being Assessment

  • Create a Wellness Vision

  • Design Three-Month Goals

  • Design First Week’s Goals

Highlights of a first coaching session:

Happy Clients

"Angie is great at details in setting up programs for her clients. She truly cares for each individual and works to make a plan so her clients achieve their goals. Her positive attitude and professionalism makes her a Leader in her field."  -C.D.

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