One-on-One Wellness Coaching

At Your Convenience

Whether you've been trying to take your health and wellness to the next level for a long time or have a new mission in mind, tried and true evidence-based coaching techniques bring out YOUR greatness!  Simply decide when you'd like to begin your 12-week experience with one-on-one coaching. 

Your 12-week one-on-one program includes:
  1. Complimentary 20-minute Introductory session: a "get to know you" introduction so you can share what specific areas you'd like to focus on

  2. Session 1: 50-minute Comprehensive Assessment where we build your Wellness Vision and Week-1 goals

  3. Sessions 2 - 11: Weekly accountability check-in's via Zoom or phone call - We first focus on the positives of the previous week’s goal attainment. Next, we address what didn’t go as well as you would have liked and why followed by coaching dialogue. Then we move forward into the next 7 days with a fresh outlook on what's most important that you’d like to work toward achieving. These check-ins are typically 30-45 minutes and are charged per minute.

  4. Mid-Point Review of your Wellness Vision to make sure goals continue to be aligned with your big picture

  5. Session 12: Final 10-50 minute Complete Assessment to look back over your 12 weeks of progress and reflect on your efforts and how far you've come. We celebrate what you've accomplished!

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Good to Know:
  • Three-month goals are SMARTER behavioral goals and are defined as what behaviors the client will be doing on a regular/consistent basis.


  • Three-month goal reviews are not done every week but are typically reviewed every 4 weeks. The three-month goals are not reviewed individually. Rather, the coach asks general questions about the three-month goals.