Small Group Wellness Coaching

At Your Convenience

Enjoy private sessions with your coach in a small group virtual setting with others who have similar goals as you do. Have you recently retired?  Have you experienced a coaching program through your workplace and would like to continue your personal progress once retired? Let's co-create your FABULOUS next steps into this phase of life together! A small group is 4-6 people and will focus on your new path forward after workplace retirement.

On a Video Call
Your 8-week group coaching program includes:​
  1. Complimentary 20-minute Introductory session: a "get to know you" introduction so you can share what specific areas you'd like to focus on

  2. Session 1: 50-minute One-on-One Comprehensive Assessment where we build your personal Wellness Vision together before the Group Coaching sessions begin

  3. Sessions 2 - 7: Next 6 sessions will be in a Group Coaching setting that are 90 minutes in length.

  4. Session 8: Final Group Coaching session to connect, review progress, celebrate successes, and complete the program.

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Good to Know:
  • Three-month goals are SMARTER behavioral goals and are defined as what behaviors the client will be doing on a regular/consistent basis.


  • Three-month goal reviews are not done every week but are typically reviewed every 4 weeks. The three-month goals are not reviewed individually. Rather, the coach asks general questions about the three-month goals.