Welcome to FirstLine Therapy®

Making healthy lifestyle changes allows you to have greater control of your health and wellbeing.

FirstLine Therapy is a specialized therapeutic lifestyle program unlike any other. It targets the underlying causes of chronic illness by incorporating a sensible eating plan, physical activity, nutritional support, and stress management.

FirstLine Therapy helps you:
  • Take simple steps every day that will enhance health and help prevent disease

  • Adopt habits of living that may delay the onset of illness in old age and possibly reverse disease progression and risk factors

Your personal FirstLine Therapy program includes:
  • Health screening

  • Body composition analysis

  • Customized health plans

  • Lifestyle and behavioral coaching

  • Personalized food plans

  • Physical activity recommendations

  • Targeted nutritional support

  • Tracking tools

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According to the American College of Preventive Medicine, lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based therapeutic approach to treat and prevent chronic illness by utilizing lifestyle interventions that address behavior change related to nutrition, physical activity, stress resiliency, rest, connections, and environmental exposures.

The FirstLine Therapy Difference

FirstLine Therapy is not just a weight-loss program.

It's a personalized lifestyle medicine program designed to help you achieve optimal health.

The FirstLine Therapy eating plan is different.

Most programs are focused on lowfat diets, but FirstLine Therapy emphasizes the importance of low-glycemic, whole foods and plant-based eating.

FirstLine Therapy incorporates medical foods and other nutritional support.  

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The appropriate use of medical foods and other nutritional support may enhance program effectiveness and may help shorten the time it takes for you to achieve your goal

FirstLine Therapy’s program structure and clinical protocols have demonstrated efficacy in clinical studies.

Most lifestyle medicine programs lack clinical evidence of effectiveness. Clinical studies sponsored by Metagenics have demonstrated impressive results for patients who combine targeted nutritional support with a structured lifestyle education program. A 12-week, randomized, controlled trial at Grand Valley Medical Specialists (Grand Rapids, MI) showed significant reductions in HbA1c, BMI, weight, and hip and waist circumference for those in the Enhanced Care group compared with the Usual Care group. FirstLine Therapy is committed to bringing the most evidence-based program to your patients, and ongoing practice-based research programs continue to highlight the positive impact on the patient's health.

What is FirstLine Therapy?